From the Director:

Great career positions are being overlooked. So you ask, what is the answer? Career and Technical centers MUST align their programs of study with area business and industry so that the skills gap is minimized and more students are leaving our schools with the skills business and industry must have to not only survive--but to THRIVE. The American economy depends on US, let alone the global marketplace. And I promise you that the journey will not end here.

We will continue to seek input from industry as we move forward. Every attempt will be made to either realign existing programs of study to meet specific needs or we may have to make difficult decisions to replace some programs of study as we further determine needs in the marketplace. You will witness creative abilities and skills acquired by students across our great state. You will sense excitement and competitive spirit in the air.

We are providing opportunities for our students to become skilled to meet the demands of our business and industry partners.

We look forward to seeing you in our center soon.

Augustus Russ, Director

Augustus Russ, Director